Just Asked For a Divorce, What Should I Do?

Just Asked For a Divorce, What Should I Do?

Just Asked for a Divorce, What Should I Do?

When your spouse asks for a divorce, it may come as a shock or maybe you saw it coming but weren’t sure when. Not knowing how to react is natural, but it’s important you stay calm and slow down your emotions before reacting.

Taking the First Steps.

Every divorce is different, so it’s essential to focus on yourself and act in your best interest. The best approach is to be firm and respectful to each other. Arguing, name-calling, or any type of physical interaction may hurt you in the long run.

It’s important to choose an attorney you feel comfortable & confident with. You’ll be sharing personal matters throughout the whole process so it’s crucial to find an attorney you can trust with your case & financial life.

Health & Well-being.

Taking care of yourself & making sure you’re in good health is more important than ever, especially if you have kids. If you’re having trouble with your mental health, reach out to a therapist, friends & family, or someone that’s been through a divorce. Ask them how they got through it. You’re not alone.

If you have kids make sure to get along with your ex around or in front of the kids. It may take time to get on the same page but co-parenting is important. Avoid putting children in the middle of conflicts. Be the best parent possible to help prevent short and long-term impacts on the kids and their emotional well-being.


There may be outcomes you hope for but if your spouse has asked for a divorce, you’ll want to focus on realistic outcomes whether it’s custody for your child, child support, or wise financial decisions.

How Abbott Law Can Help.

A divorce can leave you with questions & feeling stressed, to say the least. We’re here to help you and guide you through the entire process. Helping families overcome this challenge is where we excel.

It’s our job to help you avoid costly financial mistakes and if you have kids figure out the best plan for them and yourself as you move forward.

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