Should I Get a Divorce?

Should I Get a Divorce?

Divorce, one of the biggest and most complicated decisions of your life. The first sign you may need one is knowing you’ve tried EVERYTHING to NOT get one. Of course, counseling and trying new things to revive your marriage are always advised but some things, as we all know, are unavoidable.

So, what are some of the signs that you need a divorce?

An Immovable Roadblock: 

Infidelity, addiction, and abuse can cause major, irreparable damage to a relationship, especially if one partner isn’t willing to change. Compromise is important in every relationship, but especially when you’re trying to save the marriage. If these roadblocks can’t be passed, divorce may be a better option versus staying in a toxic situation.

Contempt is Never Healthy: 

Contempt is defined as “the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn”. If you’re feeling this from/toward your partner, the love could be irreversibly gone. Respect is key to a healthy marriage. It’s about being part of a team. If the team can’t function without contempt, it may not work.

No Appreciation for the Positive: 

Just as we can recognize the negatives in our relationships, we must be able to recognize the positives. Sometimes the negativity can feel so overwhelming that the positive can’t reach the surface. Both partners have to work together to turn that negativity into good thoughts, actions, and behaviors. In turn, both sides have to also recognize and give praise.

A marriage is based on trust, respect, and love. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our insecurities, defense mechanisms, and everyday stresses of life, and feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it can feel like a way out is easier than doing the work. At the Abbott Law Office, we don’t want anyone to have to get a divorce if it can be avoided in a healthy way. However, if divorce has become your only option, we want to do our part in making the process as easy and pain-free as possible.

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