Why You NEED a Simple Will

Why You NEED a Simple Will

Having a will is the first step in having control of what happens to your property when you die. We have heard it many times, “my family will know what to do when I die.” While this may seem true now, when the time comes, things may look a lot different. Grief and hurt can cause family members to act unexpectedly. Making sure you have everything prepared for your family relieves the stress and helps them with the grieving process. No one wants to leave their family burdened.

A simple will helps take control of what happens after you die out of the hands of the government and others. It will help make sure that your assets and any property owned will be handled properly and the way you want it handled. Even if you do not have any assets to be passed down to your heirs, a simple will makes sure your wishes are upheld regarding your funeral and how your remains will be handled.

There are several other reasons to have a simple will in place:

To Appoint a Guardian for Your Children 

If you have minor children and do not have a will, the state will decide who cares for them when you pass away. You definitely don’t want to leave your children’s future in the hands of a judge that you do not know. After all, no one knows your children better than you. Keep them safe and in good hands, if anything were to ever happen to you.

To Decide Who Receives Your Assets 

Your belongings, whether a savings account or family heirloom, should not be handed out based on generic state rules. Your assets may not go to whom or where you want, and your family and close friends won’t be able to help.

To Make The Difficult Times Easier 

When the time comes, the last thing your family and friends want to deal with is arguing with lawyers and more paperwork. Creating a simple will keeps your assets safe, puts your loved ones at ease, and makes sure the process stays as simple and pain-free as possible.

The best time to start a simple will is now, and we want to help you. Simple will packages are not as expensive as you might think. Simple estate plans for an individual start at just $399, and $699 for a married couple. Call Abbott Law Office at (806)350-HOPE (4673) for a free video consult.

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