Divorce in a Pandemic

Divorce in a Pandemic

Times are tough. We’re experiencing something most of us have never had to deal with before. With a global pandemic as a daily part of our lives, it’s tough to adapt to this “new normal”. According to the New York Times, since the pandemic started there has been an increase in divorces of over 34%, and that number will only continue to grow. Financial stress, differences in parenting styles, boredom, and arguing about household chores can all be strains on a relationship in a normal situation, but in a pandemic, those issues seem to be amplified. If you feel like you may be facing divorce during these times, these tips may help put things into perspective.

You’re Surrounded

Many regions are experiencing some sort of restriction for work and school environments. This means your children or significant other may be home more often than usual, or even home all the time. Some children are back to school full time, while others may be homeschooling for the time being. Your spouse may be working from home as well. Changing your scheduling routine to fit around family members and vice versa, may be causing some extra strain on your relationships with them. Try to keep this in mind if you’re considering ending your marriage.

Your Spouse May Not Be The Problem

With the world in a state of fluctuating anxiety and unpredictability, the guy who sat on the couch all day, with dishes in the sink from the night before, may not be the only reason you feel angry. You always have to take a step back and make sure that you’re not projecting the worries, fears, and anxieties of dealing with a pandemic onto your relationship. If a relationship was already struggling, adding the stress of homeschooling, changing schedules, and financial uncertainties can make things even worse. Additionally, support systems have become less accessible to most. This means that if you are struggling, it may be harder to get the help you need during these times.

Have you Made the Decision?

The process can be frustrating, and most divorces are not a “do it yourself” type project.  When children, real estate, or retirement plans are involved, the process can be even more complicated.  You need someone on your side to guide you through the court system.  If you have made up your mind, and you are ready to move on with the next chapter of your life, call us.   Abbott Law Office wants to help make the transition as simple as possible.  We don’t want to add to your stress and worries. We’re here to help. Uncontested divorce starts at $699, plus court costs. In an era of uncertainty, we want you to be certain you can count on us to be there for you. There is hope.

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